Watch: Learn This Genius Trick For Peeling Mangos

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for fruit. Everything from strawberries to watermelon is in season right now, and when the sun is out, nothing sounds more delicious or decadent than fresh fruit.

One of our favorite fruits this season is the mango. Mangos practically scream sunshine, and can eaten plain or used in a wide variety of recipes. Personally, we love to put mango in our morning smoothies, chop it over Thai coconut rice pudding for a healthy, delicious dessert, or even grill it to bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness.

Unfortunately, mangos are also some of the most difficult fruits to consume. Their thin, tough skins make them nearly impossible to peel, like an orange, chop, like a melon, or even bite into, like an apple. We’ve seen the cross-hatching trick for eating mangos a million times, but somehow it never seems to work as well as we were hoping.

Thankfully, we recently stumbled upon this video, which presents a uniquely genius way to skin a mango. Even better? It’s quick, easy, and eliminates any fear of cutting yourself while performing it. Watch the video below to learn the hack, and then prepare for a summer full of beachy, tropical fruit—no matter how far away you are from the ocean!