Watch Popcorn Pop In Slow Motion, It's Very Soothing (Video)

Had a long day? Watching food videos in slow motion might help you de-stress. More specifically, watching popcorn pop in slow motion in the video below may really calm your nerves.

Warped Perception is known for its slow-motion videos. I guess they figured out the lulling effects a bit earlier than the rest of us. Either that or they just had the means to make it available. According to Foodbeast, the video is going at 30,000 frames per second, which makes the popping process slow enough to pique your interest.

You'll notice that one kernel is popped at a time, so that we can really focus on what's happening in the moment. We make popcorn in a bag in the microwave or on the stovetop pretty frequently, but it's rare that we take the time to stop and appreciate how each kernel is transforming into a tasty little corn puff in just seconds.

 The video shows the white fluffy corn break through the outer shell into the soft shapes we know and love, and recognize as one of our favorite snacks. Check out the video to see it all for yourself.

Warped Perception specializes in making satisfyingly slow-mo videos, so if that popcorn video did nothing but whet your appetite, check out some of their other videos as well. One shows a hot dog getting caught in a mouse trap (slightly less appealing than that popcorn, I'll admit). The rest aren't as focused on food as we'd like to see, but there is one of a dog drinking water in slow motion that's pretty tempting.

They created these videos with a very cool "Ultra High Speed Camera," called the Phantom v2512. This camera has made it possible to capture perhaps the slowest video of popcorn popping out there. I'd say that warrants those 2 million plus views, wouldn't you? These folks take simple things like popping popcorn (or a dog drinking water) and make them into art. How awesome is that?