Watch Seth Meyers Eat His Own Face Made Out Of 3D Gummies (Video)

Late Night's Seth Meyers is learning all about how 3D candy printers work, and he's doing it the best way he knows how: creating his own face. 

Let's admit it, we'd all do the same thing. Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan's Candy Bar, uses these 3D printers to make fun and exciting candy creations, since she can create pretty much anything she wants with these printers.  Eater reports that using this printer, you can create just about any gummy creation you want, and it only takes around 10 minutes. All ingredients used are vegan, dairy free and all natural. The printer was introduced to shops just this summer and has made quite an impact. Mainly, you can watch it print right before your own eyes.

The printer can be used to create custom made decorations, party favors and just about anything else you'd like. For $20, a customer can submit any design he or she would like to see the printer make, then watch it go. There are pre-loaded design options where you can add your own message, or you can send your own design to be printed. Next you choose your flavor colors and combinations to make sure you get the nice sweet taste you're looking to try.

Dylan Lauren features her own candy in-shop as well, aside from the 3D printer. A couple of them include candy sushi, with Rice Crispies Treats instead of white rice, and fruit leather and Nerds candy for the rest, and a Mean Girls-inspired box of popcorn-flavored jelly beans called, "Is Butter a Carb?"

Dylan's Candy Bar locations are popping up in cities around the U.S., including Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. According to the Dylan's Candy Bar website, Dylan Lauren travels all over in search of inspirations for new candy inventions like that of her candy sushi. She looks for seasonal ideas and new ways to decorate and cook with candy.

Tune in to the video below to see how this sweet technology works!