Watch The Daily Show Slam The Starbucks Ice Lawsuit (Video)

By now, you've probably heard about the infamous Starbucks ice lawsuit. For days, every major media site has been covering the case, which alleges that the coffee retailer uses too much ice in its beverages in order to cheat customers out of their fair share of beverage.  However, thanks to the "Daily Show"—your go-to source for comical news—we now have a hilarious new twist on the story (video below).

Last night, host Trevor Noah ridiculed the lawsuit, explaining its frivolity by arguing that the claim is "such a first world problem." From there things only get more comical, as Noah states, "I'm sorry, the only time you should complain that something you bought came with too much ice is if you were on the Titanic" before offering a solution to the disgruntled customers' complaints: hot coffee. Watch the full video below for even more laughs, ice not included.