Watch These Adorable Kids Taste 100 Years Of Candy (Video)

There is something so cute about watching little kids discover different tastes and foods for the very first time.

If you are a fan of Bon Appetit's YouTube channel, you may have noticed that it has been posting videos of children trying different kinds of cuisines or foods over 100-year periods: for instance, videos of kids trying 100 years of Christmas desserts, 100 years of Thanksgiving dishes, 100 years of airplane foods, and 100 years of sandwiches are all up to view on their feed.

On Dec. 14, Bon Appetit posted a video of kids trying 100 years of candy, and it is so, so cute and fun to watch their reactions!

"Kids try an assortment of popular candies from the 1920s until today, including Jujyfruits, salted nut rolls, Pop Rocks, Big League Chew, Gushers, and More," reads the video description.

Check out the video (below):

Have you tried any of these candies?