Watch These Adorable Kids Try Japanese Food (Video)

We love to watch kids try foods from different countries, and we may just be learning along with them on some of the dishes. This time around, we're going to watch American kids try classic Japanese dishes.

The first round of Japanese dishes includes miso soup (yum!) and Natto Gohan. Miso soup is technically miso paste dissolved in fish stock. It usually comes with some good stuff in it, like seaweed or small pieces of tofu. Natto Gohan is a popular Japanese breakfast that features fermented soybeans. Judging by the kids' reactions, the fermented soybeans were a no-go, with most kids spitting it back out. I don't think I'll be trying that one!

The next round of dishes for tasting consisted of sashimi (again, yum!), daikon and umeboshi. As delicious and savory as sashimi can be, the sound of raw fish doesn't sit well with the kids, who probably didn't give it a fair chance as a result. The daikon, otherwise known as pickled radish, and umeboshi, pickled plums, weren't enjoyed much, either. This is a tough crowd!

Finally, the next round gets some better reviews. Udon noodles and shrimp tempura are general crowd pleasers, after all. Udon are big, thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour, and are usually accompanied by an assortment of toppings. The kids have a lot of fun with this pasta dish when they learn that slurping is considered a compliment in Japan. They enjoy being very polite!

Tempura can refer to lightly fried vegetables or meats, but in this case, it looks like the kids were given shrimp tempura. Who doesn't like fried shrimp? And the tempura style is just perfect.

Finally, it's time for dessert, but this Oshiruko doesn't quite feel like dessert to the kids. Oshiruko is the name for red bean soup with mochi, a sweet dumpling plopped right on top. First, the kids are confused with a dessert that's served warm. Second, they weren't too fond of the red bean soup. However, one girl doesn't seem to mind the mochi so much. She likes how "it ends with a tinkling on [her] tongue."