Watch: These Amazing Ramen Hacks Just Might Change Your Life (Video)

Ramen is incredibly cheap, surprisingly delicious, and available almost everywhere, from gas stations to grocery stores. If you're in college, ramen might just represent one of your main food groups, and if not, chances are that you’ve relied on ramen for a quick meal more than you’d like to admit (video below).

The problem with ramen, however, is that it gets old very quickly. There are only so many bowls of hot, salty noodles that you can consume before you start craving some variety. And, while it’s easy to add Sriracha or fresh chives to your ramen in search of new flavor, we’ve found some much more exciting ways to spice up the budget staple.

We were blown away when we discovered the video below, which demonstrates how to turn everyday ramen into everything from Faux Pho to Canadian Poutine. Even better, the recipes are almost as easy and cheap as the noodles themselves, utilizing kitchen staples to transform your favorite college food into a gourmet feast. The hardest part will be deciding which variation you’ll be cooking for dinner tonight!