Watch These American Kids Try Filipino Food (Video)

Watch these kids come in contact with foods that are new to them, and even a bit spooky. I am impressed at how much they'll actually try!

First, the American children in the video below are sat down with three traditional Filipino dishes:  Dilis (fried anchovy), Crispy Pata (crispy pig's knuckles) and perhaps the scariest dish of all, Dinuguan (pig's innards cooked in pig's blood). Of course, they also get some white rice and a couple of sauces on the side, for enjoyment's sake.

The first dish they try is the Dilis, the fried and crunchy anchovies. The kids immediately recognize these as fish, fish heads and fish bones, but surprisingly they dig right in. I don't think anyone was truly a fan, judging by their reactions.

The next dish is the Dinuguan, which one of the kids guessed might be "blended dirt." This description paints enough of a picture in my mind that I didn't even need to know the actual ingredients before knowing I don't want to try it. According to CNN, the Dinuguan is a Filipino comfort food comprised of pork and pig innards stewed in fresh pig blood seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano. Not for the faint of heart … and kudos to the kids for actually trying it.

Perhaps the most difficult dish of all was the Balut. I don't blame anyone for not trying this one, and again I'm impressed by those who did. Balut is a popular vendor food usually enjoyed with a beer. It features a 17-day-old duck embryo boiled and served either with rock salt or spicy vinegar. You might be able to get around that description, but the look of it is rough as well. It's served while sticking about halfway out of its shell. I'm with the boy and girl arguing over who will try this dish first. It wouldn't be me!

And finally we end with Taho for dessert. This dish is a mix of brown sugar syrup stirred with warm soybean custard and topped with sago pearls. It must not have been sweet enough, because the kids weren't crazy about it. Check out all reactions in the video below: