Watch These Folks Eat The Worst Artichoke Dip Ever (Video)

Not everyone can nail seasonal recipes for crowd-pleasing, and even if they can, they're bound to have an off day or two. This was the case for poor Leslie Horton of Global News when she brought a homemade artichoke dip into work.

While it should be the thought that counts, the web has a very different view. The video (below) of her co-anchors gagging over what has been termed by Global News as the "Horrendous Holiday Artichoke Dip" proves that, since it has gone viral. Pretty much everyone is talking about and sharing it. Poor Leslie Horton.

Those who tasted the dip claimed it tasted overwhelmingly of vinegar, although Horton claims to have not used any. As it happens, this particular appetizer is a crowd favorite among Horton's family, so she obviously knows how to make it properly. I wonder if that means someone played a trick on her!

When she first shows the dip to the camera, we can tell something is off already. "It's not supposed to look like that," she says. Next, she tells us that she had wanted to go and purchase a fruitcake from Safeway, since that's her actual favorite holiday food. Looking back, I'm sure she wishes she had gone with option A.

When Horton's co-anchors aren't even able to swallow the artichoke dip because of the intense vinegar taste, Horton says she's not offended because she agrees with them. "It's artichocke dip, but something went terribly wrong," she says. One anchor even says, "it burns," when asked how she's enjoying the taste of the dip.

So, what went wrong? Was it the use of oranges in combination of celery salt? It's hard to tell. Clearly something was off, because artichoke dip, especially made without vinegar, should not taste like vinegar. It also shouldn't smell "like a barn." I have to hand it to everyone for being brave enough to try it, because I'm sure I wouldn't have.

Not many people love fruit cake, and I'd guess even fewer have said, "I should have chosen the fruit cake," but I think this time is an exception.