Watch These Kids Try 100 Years Of Thanksgiving Side Dishes (Video)

I bet you didn't even know much about the Thanksgiving food traditions of the last 100 years. These kids, however, are here to let us know how it all tastes.

Check out the video below, where a group of kids tries a couple of different Thanksgiving dishes that were popular each of the last ten decades.

Starting in 1920, when oyster shooters and Yorkshire pudding were staple side dishes to your Thanksgiving feast (spoiler alert, the oyster shooters were not popular with the children), and ending with customs for today.

Did you know that pickled walnuts and cream of peanut butter soup were popular Thanksgiving dishes in the 1930s? How about that creamed onions and tomato consomme were common in the 1940s? I’m not sure what either of those things are, but according to the kids, the creamed onions "tastes like onions in a ball" and the tomato consomme just "tastes like tomatoes."

In the 1950s we have instant mashed potatoes and canned gravy with canned cranberry sauce. These aren’t much different from the mashed potatoes and cranberries most of us are used to eating today. Unless I’m behind the times? In the 1960s we are introduced to sweet potatoes with marshmallows (still good!) and a not-so-great looking garden vegetables in aspic dish. Seriously, what is that? Not surprisingly, the kids were not fans of a jello-y vegetable loaf.

The 1970s brought us cauliflower surprise and Watergate salad, while the 1980s brought us almond cheese pinecones and carrot wreathes with creamed peas. I don’t think we have to brainstorm on why the carrot loaf and creamed peas isn’t still on our Thanksgiving tables today. What were we thinking with that?

The 1990s brought turnip puree with fried onions (which apparently tastes like sour milk with sweet onions) and wild rice pilaf with cranberries. The rice pilaf actually sounds pretty tasty. The 2000s have brought us healthier foods consisting of kale, dates, beet-filed deviled eggs and braised Swiss chard with hot sauce.

I have to hand it to these kids for being brave enough to try each of these dishes. Watch below for all reactions.