Dumplings From Around The World

Watch These Kids Try Dumplings From Around The World (Video)

Kids are notoriously picky when it comes to trying new foods, but there's one type of dish that a lot of them seem to enjoy -- dumplings.

At least, that's what happens in a HiHo YouTube video (below) in which a number of children taste several delicious-looking dumplings from around the world. It's super adorable.

As the video starts, the kids gear up to try the dumplings -- a couple are familiar to them, while others are totally new. One kid decides that he's about to eat pizza, since he is told that they are serving him something with filling in the middle that's covered in dough. Fair enough.

They start with Japanese gyoza, aka potstickers. Everybody enjoys them -- even the kid who can't manage his chopsticks and repeatedly drops his food into the dipping sauce.

Next they move on to pierogi (or varenyky, if you are Ukranian), which as the kids note is topped with sour cream and bacon. They seem to enjoy them despite initial confusion.

Afterwards, they taste coxinhas, which are fried Brazilian chicken bites that one of the kids legitimately gets into an argument with.

Another won't believe that the food is from Brazil, so he opens it up and asks it.

Time for Xiao Long Bao -- steamed Chinese soup dumplings -- which the kids have fun messily eating as they take a bite and the juice spills out. One kid guesses that they come from Utah.

As popular as dumplings may be, it's a bit surprising how willing these kids are to give them all a try. Maybe it's because they've done these taste-test videos before. Or maybe their parents are just doing a great job expanding their palates.

Got a picky eater? Parenting.com suggests eating dinner with your kids as much as possible. If they refuse to try something, have them take just one bite of it. That way, they won't have lingering force-feeding trauma, but they will learn to broaden their horizons.