Watch These New Moms Try Baby Food (Video)

Have you ever tried baby food? I'll go ahead and guess that many of us probably have not, and that we've got a lot to learn from the video below. The people over at Facts have put together a tantalizing mix of breast milk substitute, baby puree, gourmet dinner cups and desserts. Yum?

As the video makes its way through each of the food groups, mothers show some shock and surprise at the ingredient lists, even more so it seems than at the actual taste of each of the foods. Who really expects to like the taste of breast milk anyway?

The first round of taste-testing is dedicated to breast milk substitute, which is said to have a "creamy smell," and a bit of a tang to it. Seeing it in the glass, I have to say it looks like it's got a bit more thickness than I'd like in my own milk, which probably makes it tough to taste.

The second round of taste-testing was all about the fruity purees in those little pouches (you'll see what I mean in the video). I always imagined they'd be like apple sauce in a pouch. The moms who are tasting them say that it's actually kind of nice. Honestly, though, how bad can fruit be?

Gourmet Pots are next, and the entree on the menu is Tender Beef Ragout. The picture on the package looks inviting enough, but I can't imagine ever (ever) wanting to try these.   One recurring question has to do with "baby grade" ingredients, which are likely listed on many baby foods. What exactly are baby grade ingredients? This question isn't answered in the video, but maybe you'd like to find out before feeding them to your baby.

The first dessert is a "banana custard thing" with a "flavorless biscuit." Do we need to know more? Then there's a gluten-free dessert option of squished fruit in roll-up form. Those are pretty well-liked. Again, how bad can fruit be?

In the end, a couple of the mothers felt that the ingredient lists were sub-par. One mother suggests "Making your own baby food. Just make it from scratch." At least that way you know what's in it ... can't argue with that logic!