Visalia man is first to conquer the Anaconda burrito

Watch This Guy Eat A 3-Foot-Long Burrito In 13 Minutes (Video)

Imagine trying to eat a 3-foot-long, 5-1/2-pound burrito. If you think a Chipotle burrito is big, imagine eating about 10 of those. Obviously that's a shot in the dark. I don't know how many Chipotle burritos would equal this giant one … I just know it has to be a lot.

Taqueria Yareli's of Fresno, California, sells this burrito, and it's called "The Anaconda Burrito." If that name doesn't scare you away, this picture of it will:

Visalia man is first to conquer the Anaconda burrito

Even scarier? Watching someone come along and eat it right up in just thirteen minutes. That's right, you're about to see it yourself in the video below. According to KFSN-TV, renowned competitive eater Pablo Martinez was the first person to come along and eat an entire Anaconda Burrito.

Usually the burrito is sliced up and served to a family of four. If that doesn't give you an idea of the task Martinez overtook, then you might as well skip right down to that video. "Burritos are my specialty," Martinez told KFSN-TV, "this will definitely be the longest burrito I've eaten."

My only answer to that is, I hope so! Anaconda Burrito creator Edwin Espinoza says that many others have come along in hopes of undertaking this task, but none yet had been successful. However, as Martinez is the first, he feels certain he won't be the last. He says so himself: "Mark my words, I won't be the last. There will be others who will come to do this."

Martinez is trained, though. He's 18th in the world for competitive eating, so just because he can do it doesn't mean we all can. Let's take a minute to respect this feat before we all start jumping in.

If no one ever finishes this burrito again, and it's only Martinez, he will still have done a huge service for Taqueria Yareli's, because it's probably safe to bet that this story has gotten the restaurant a ton of free publicity. Even I want to go there now! Check out the video below to see Martinez in action. You don't want to miss it.