Watch: This Strawberry Hack Is Perfect For Summe

Summer is a time for sunshine, beaches, and fresh fruit. One of our favorite fruits this season is the humble strawberry—bursting in flavor and perfect for all of your summer recipes, from strawberry pie to strawberry Bellinis, and everything in-between.

Luckily, while researching recipes for our next summer picnic, we came across this brilliant hack for hulling strawberries (also known as de-stemming, or coring). It’s not only fast, effective, and mind-blowingly easy, but also has the potential to revolutionize all of our summer cooking plans. Strawberry shortcake? No problem! Strawberry salad with goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette? Piece of cake! Homemade strawberry ice cream? Bring it on!

Watch the video below for inspiration, and then get to baking, grilling, and freezing. We even suggest throwing a strawberry-themed party for all your friends to show off your new skills! Just don’t forget to save some of the delicious berries to eat plain or drizzled in fresh cream for the perfect summer snack.