Watch This Woman Make Amazing Mini Foods (Video)

Looking to go on a diet and get beach ready for the summer? If so, you might like these miniature creations by Yukiko Hasada. If not, well it's still fun to see (video below).

According to Huffington Post, Hasada buys normal-sized produce at the grocery store and then turns that produce into tiny gourmet meals that she then features on YouTube. Her channel, Bistro Miniature, currently has over 100,000 subscribers, and I bet that number will continue to grow as more of us are learn about her.

In the video below, Hasada quickly runs through a few recipes for audiences to see. You can get a brief glimpse into her omelet rice, star French cream, zha jiang mian, dry curry, nan set, donut, mapo eggplant, twisted donut, dandan noodles and mixed sandwich recipe.

And that's just the welcome video! It's really quite hypnotizing once you start getting into it.

Hasada reportedly became inspired to become a mini food chef when she found a miniature kitchen set. That's as good a reason as any. Over the last two years with her mini kitchen, her YouTube popularity has grown. She says she draws recipe inspiration from what she cooks at home for her family (lucky family!) and that she likes to make things that complement the tiny utensils.

The most difficult item for her to create in the tiny kitchen has proven to be soft-boiled eggs. She has to top her chow mein with a soft-boiled egg, but it's difficult for her to control the heat on the mini stove, since she can only use solid fuel inside it.

All I know is that I'm really wishing these sweets were bigger and within reach.

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And who wouldn't enjoy this breakfast in bed?

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Keep an eye out for more fun mini food videos on the Bistro Miniature YouTube channel. Just be aware that once you start watching them, you'll probably get sucked in for a quite a while.