Watch This Woman Totally Flip Out Over Subway's Lack Of Meatballs (Video)

This seems like every customer service worker's worst nightmare (video below).

We all know how disappointing it can be when you go into an establishment with certain expectations that ultimately are not met.

Most of us are able to put these minor inconveniences into perspective, and move on with our day; some of us, however, are not.

Enter this woman, who decided she wanted a meatball sub from Subway for lunch -- and apparently, was willing to stop at nothing to voice her displeasure when she was informed by a poor employee that the shop was currently out of meatballs.

As the video below shows, the meatball-craving woman was so distraught and disgusted at the establishment’s lack of meatballs, that she deems it appropriate to ramble on for over three minutes about how the restaurant “should have it available,” or put up a sign that shows it’s all out of meatballs.

Look, lady, we get it: You had a craving, you were let down when you realized it wasn’t going to be fulfilled, and so you experienced disappointment. That’s fair. But what did complaining and taking it out on this poor, innocent employee do to fix your problem?

Check out the confrontation for yourself below. Was it worth it?