Watch: Transform Your Summer With This Brilliant Ice Cream Sandwich-Making Hack

Ice cream is practically made for summer. How many of your best memories involve indulging in that cool, creamy, perfection under the scorching summer sun? It’s the ideal dessert for long hot nights, poolside relaxation, or vacation adventures.

What’s even more perfect than ice cream, however, is the ice cream sandwich. When it comes to this creamy sweet, portability is key, and while cones are great, they’re not nearly as delicious as real cookies.

The only problem is that ice cream sandwiches tend to be fairly dull, compared to cones. While you can put any flavor of ice cream imaginable in a cone, it’s difficult to find a commercial ice cream sandwich in any flavor other than vanilla.

That’s where this genius video comes into the picture. Despite the fact that the clip demonstrates this revolutionary ice cream sandwich-making method using vanilla ice cream, we suggest that you get creative and use something more exciting. Ben and Jerry’s “Tonight Dough” is a perennial favorite, and would pair especially well with two delicious cookies. What’s more, you can even get creative when it comes to your cookie choices—with a technique this simple (and brilliant) the sky’s the limit!

Watch the video below for the full method, and then impress your friends and family by serving incredibly delicious, personalized ice cream sandwiches at your next summer gathering. We promise it won’t disappoint!