Watch: Up Your Grill Game With These Simple Steak Hacks (Video)

Has intimidation ever stopped you from cooking steak at home? Has the selection of meat at your local butcher left you feeling overwhelmed? Fear no more: chef Jamie Oliver has blessed the world’s kitchens with a foolproof recipe for a flat iron steak you can make on your stovetop (video below).

All you need to complement the beef are oil, salt, and pepper - or if you’re feeling fancy, rub the steak with garlic and butter while cooking for a subtle, aromatic sweetness. Kick it up a notch by giving the meat a “ruddy good whipping” with fresh herbs. Otherwise, the steak’s natural juices and ~fat marbling~ should yield plenty of meaty flavor.

The cooking process takes less than 10 minutes and consists mostly of easy flipping - and listening to that satisfying meat-on-pan sizzle.

When you’ve mastered the cooking technique and have a hankering for more sophisticated flavors, check out the unlimited supply of recipes for marinades and rubs online. Think hearty with hot sauce, red wine vinegar, and Worcestershire or sweet and spicy with pineapple juice and red pepper flakes. Or check out our own list of delicious marinades here!

So, next time a steak craving hits, skip the ritzy steakhouse and head to your own place for dinner. Your wallet and tummy will be glad you did!