Watching This Chef Make Pasta On Instagram Is Incredibly Soothing

Homemade pasta is one of those things that sounds good in theory, but is infinitely more complicated and messy in real life.

For everyone who has ever tried (and failed) to make homemade pasta, however, we have found your new favorite Instagram account. The amazing social media page belongs to Miyuki Adachi, a Toronto-based pasta chef, and displays the incredibly talented culinary master rolling and forming her own pasta.

Adachi isn’t just making spaghetti and penne, though—she crafts artisanal shapes that look more like small pieces of art than edible creations. The chef uses everything from cheese graters to tweezers to form her masterpieces, and even goes so far as to create her own pattern boards in order to stamp the pasta with the most intricate designs possible.

Below, we’ve included some of her most awe-inspiring creations. Fair warning, however—we suggest that you don’t watch the videos on an empty stomach. The pasta envy is far too real.