Water Infusions to Keep You Hydrated

Water Infusions to Keep You Hydrated

When drinking water seems like a mundane task, it is easy to quench our thirst through coffee, tea, soda... you name it. With the abundance of delicious options drink-wise, why settle for water, right? These drinks are tasty and coat the mouth in liquid, but deep down, we all know they don’t necessarily hydrate like our body craves. In many cases, drinks like coffee or soda dehydrate the body, which brings us to a whole nother level of dehydration.

It’s understandable why we reach for the fun drinks because water tastes bland compared to our sugary drink friends. Change the water game and splash up your pallet with nature-infused creations. These are beautiful to the eye and body, and not costly like store-bought infusions (that are also typically artificially flavored).  

Head to your local store and buy a plethora of options for your healthful version of day drinking. Chop up your fruit medley and create your infusion according to your taste bud’s wishes - there is no right or wrong way to go about this. Create one of the following infusions (or even all) and watch your body glow from the hydration and nutrients within each gulp.  

Infuse the water at room temperature for no longer than an hour, then place in the fridge (this is to prevent bacteria growth). After a day of soaking, strain the water and place in new container. The water will last up to three days.


Cucumber and Basil

Cucumber Basil Water

Sippin’ this will leave you in a spa-like essence. Refreshing and awakening to the body.  

Strawberry, Raspberry and Lemon

Strawberry raspberry

Little ‘bit tart, little ‘bit sweet. This berry twist will deliver the lemonade vibe without the intense sugar content.  

Mint and Lemon

Lemon Mint

Hint of citrus followed by lingering cool mint. This is stimulating to the body, especially in the mornings.  

Watermelon and Raspberry

Watermelon and Raspberry

The smooth taste of watermelon intertwined with the tart raspberry is purely divine.  

Apple, Cinnamon and Lemon

Apple Cinnamon The array of flavors and colors will have you pouring another glass in no time. This is a true winner, especially in the fall.  

Blackberry, Orange and Lemon

Lemon, Orange, Blackberry

The contrast of colors is not only visually appealing, but it will take your taste buds on a fun water ride.  

Cucumber, Lime and Mint

Lime Mint Cucumber This balanced green drink will leave you feeling cool as a cucumber (sorry, had to throw that joke in there).  

Grapefruit and Cinnamon

Grapefruit and Cinnamon

This warm and bitter yet tasty infusion will wake the body right up. For less bitter, pair with lemon.  


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