We Are All About Nestle Toll House's New Fall Cookie (Photo)

As fall starts to gradually creep into our collective cravings, I find myself thinking more and more about spiced, warm desserts like freshly baked cookies, apple cider, fruit cobblers and, of course, the ever-polarizing pumpkin.

With crisp weather, chilly winds and crunchy leaves on the horizon, pumpkin spice is making its way into every corner of the grocery store, and the embers of the PSL (that's Pumpkin Spice Latte for those of you who live under a rock) debate are beginning to burn again.

If this excites you, you'll be thrilled to know that Nestle has seriously stepped up their game to decisively drive a bittersweet nail into the coffin that is summer.

And it looks freaking good.

"I'm pretty sure Nestle Toll House just invented pumpkin cobbler and then immediately made cookies out of it," reads the description on Junk Banter's Instagram page. 

And according to the photo, the limited edition dessert comes with pumpkin, oats, spices and a most excellent pumpkin pie filling, all rolled into a block of cookie dough.

From a one-pound pack, you'll be able to make around 24 cookies, each of which contains 80 calories, a gram of saturated fat, seven grams of sugar and 70 milligrams of sodium.

But folks, it's dessert, so are we really going to get hung up over the nutritional information of a dang PUMPKIN COBBLER COOKIE? I think not.

Nestle hasn't yet updated their product locator to show where you can pick up these scrumptious treats, but Junk Banter notes that the cookie dough pack was first spotted at Giant Eagle. Here's hoping that they make the rounds nationwide.

Nestle has reportedly also released some "amazing" apple cider caramel-flavored ones as well, in case pumpkin isn't really your thing.

So far, one Instagram commenter said that they just baked them, gave them a taste and found that they are "god sent." So, it's pretty official -- these are tasty, folks!