We Can't Wait For Anthony Bourdain's Cookbook

Bad boy chef extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain is releasing his first cookbook in 10 years, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

"Appetites" will debut on shelves on Oct. 25 this year, and you can even preorder the title on Amazon, according to Pop Sugar.

Here's what the cover looks like:

Look familiar? That's right – the cover was designed by legendary artist Ralph Steadman, best known for producing art for Hunter S. Thompson.

Bordain has such a diverse palate – have you seen all the food he has eaten on his travel shows over the years? What kind of recipes are going to be in the book?

Well, we have an idea:

"Appetites boils down 40 plus years of professional cooking and world traveling to a tight repertoire of personal favorites — dishes that everyone should (at least in Mr. Bourdain's opinion) know how to cook," the press release said, according to Eater.

A few years ago, Bourdain would travel more than 200 days out of the year, the press release says. But now that the celebrity chef and traveler, who is raising a young daughter, has settled down a little bit, he has started entertaining from home more and more.

"Years of prep lists and the hyper-organization necessary for a restaurant kitchen however, have caused him, in his words, to have 'morphed into a psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten,'" the press release explains. "The result is a home cooking, home entertaining cookbook like no other. Personal favorites from home and from his travels, translated into an effective battle plan that will help you terrify your guests with your breathtaking efficiency."

If, like us, you are so excited for this cookbook that you can't stand it, we suggest checking out Bourdain's other works, starting with his famous memoir, "Kitchen Confidential," in the meantime.