We Definitely Want To Try This Mermaid Cafe (Photos)||We Definitely Want To Try This Mermaid Cafe (Photos)

We Definitely Want To Try This Mermaid Cafe (Photos)

One cafe in California is doing it right. First, it brought us unicorn hot chocolate, and now it's bringing us a full mermaid-inspired menu. Take me to this magical place! 

Cosmopolitan reports that the cafe offers such treats as Mermaid Water, made with blue Hawaiian lemonade that reportedly tastes like blue raspberry, coconut and lime and it features a float of sea salt cream, which the owner explains tastes "like what you would want the ocean to taste like."

Check it out …

mermaid shake

There's also shaved ice and a mermaid shake and float, all topped with cotton candy, rock candy and sour candy strips. The vanilla cake, however, might be the most beautiful of the creations. I might actually have a hard time consuming that. It's gorgeous!

blue and green

It features edible pearls, and colorful layers with lots of blue and green.

The cafe is located in Anaheim Hills, California, and it's known for its highly colorful menu. Remember its unicorn cake and hot chocolate?

 hot chocolate

According to the Creme and Sugar website, cakes run anywhere from $55 to $75, and they're available in all sorts of amazing flavors. There's obviously the Unicorn Cake, but then there's a Lavender Cake, a Pink Champagne Cake and a Circus Animal Cake that features pink and white Animal Cookies. Take me there for my next birthday, please!

The drink menu is just as colorful, with the famous Unicorn Hot Chocolate at the top of the menu. There's also a limited time Unicorn Float (pictured below), and a Lavender & Honey shake that's calling my name.

Lavender & Honey shake

Owner and creator Joanna Czikalla says she had been wanting to do some mermaid-inspired menu items, but wanted to wait until it was officially mermaid season … you know, when the time is right. Now that she's broken out the menu though, it's going to be tough to take these new favorites off the menu.

The cafe is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Monday (when it's closed), so if you're in the Anaheim Hills area, you'd be crazy not to stop in! My only question is, when will Creme and Sugar make its way over to the East Coast?