We Want A Slice Of The World's Biggest Cake (Photo)

Steve Oxford, the baker behind this record-setting cake, will be the first guy to tell you that yes, you can eat your cake and have it too. Because you'll probably have a ton of leftovers.

And if you asked this man why, oh why, make such a large cake, he'd tell you: "Who doesn't love cake and who doesn't love a massive cake?"

The Dorset, England, baker created this gargantuan 5-foot-wide, 700-pound Victoria sponge cake (if you can call it that) to celebrate the Sturminster Newton cheese festival. And it is a monster of a creation!

According to Metro, Oxford spent a week crafting the super-sized cake, using about 700 eggs and 500 pounds of flour, butter and sugar.

"I just made batch after batch after batch of cake mix using 80 liter huge industrial bowls and then filled up the cake tins," Oxford told Express.

Everything was supersized, including the industrial bread oven to cook the two halves. The tins holding the cake weighed a hefty 220 pounds each. Once cooled and left on a drying rack, which I can imagine looked like a trampoline, the cake was hoisted with a forklift truck to remove the tins in and out of the oven.

The two layers were then filled with enough sugar and butter to induce several dozen cardiac arrests; later, Oxford shoveled a good 30 pounds of raspberry jam before teaming up with eight other men in hauling this now 700-pound cake (including tins) to the cheese festival.

Oxford told Express that he was inspired to make the record-breaking cake after reading "The Giant Jam Sandwich" book as a child. And as luck would have it, the festival coincided with his son's birthday.

So as the team of men finished settling the cake to a marquee, Oxford's 3-year-old son, Samuel, blew out the candles. And many hours later, the cake was gone faster than it was made.

One thousand slices were handed out, 350,000 calories consumed, and all done without a single penny! All of the ingredients were donated by local suppliers. A rare occasion where you can have your cake and eat it too, and it's totally free.