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We Want To Bite Into These Stunning Lego Food Creations

We've never really had the urge to eat plastic – until now.

There are some pretty awesome Lego creations out there. From replicas of whole towns, to the Mona Lisa, to the Kennedy Space Center and Obama's inauguration, we've seen some pretty cool stuff created with Legos over the years. But now, thanks to a Japanese artist known only as Tary, we're totally salivating over these amazing Lego food replicas that look good enough to eat.

Don't believe us? See for yourself.

Seriously, take a look at this Lego pizza, complete with cheese dripping off of it, straight from Tary's popular Twitter page:

Who wouldn't want to eat this bento box with cute Lego chopsticks?

Or maybe you want a bowl of rice topped with shrimp tempura?

We can't promise we won't try to take a big bite out of that.

Tary does gingerbread houses too, in case you are wondering.

How about a cupcake topped with fruit for dessert?

The artist has had some success at several competitions recently, including one with ClickBrick, where they placed first, but Tary's real acclaim has come from Twitter, where they have more than 4,000 followers with whom the drool-worthy Lego food replicas have gone viral, according to the Daily Mail.

We are totally transfixed by the intricacies of Tary's creations.

Look at that melted ice cream and tell us you don't feel a little bit sad.

Tary does fruit too! Check out this banana:

And this apple:

Don't forget about this stunning broccoli that might make you actually want to eat your vegetables:

Plastic has never looked so good.