Welcome Summer with Asda’s Fruit-Flavored Vodka

Welcome Summer with Asda’s Fruit-Flavored Vodka

You know Asda, and you know the Swedish premium vodka brand, Absolut. Well, guess what they are coming together with the exclusive launch of a passion fruit-flavored vodka. Made by Absolut and launched by Asda!

The product has been available in stores since 27 February, and the people love the good stuff. Asda’s description of the sweet and citrusy vodka: “the perfect springtime drink, best served loaded with citrus fruits and ice.”

Welcome summer with Asda’s fruit-flavored vodka

So definitely the perfect drink to welcome the new season. And it’s reasonably priced. A 70cl bottle of the Absolut Passion fruit Vodka either online or from stores, will cost you around £16. However, if the flavor is making you wonder whether it’s going to be strong or not? Rest assured, it is as strong as the classic. Although infused with the fruit, it’s alcohol by volume stands at 40%.

Now that is equal to that of straight vodka, so don’t worry about the buzz. Claiming that the passion fruit is perfect for the 2020 mood a spokesperson said: “Passion fruit is the punchy flavor to watch this year, with interest increasing by 12% compared to the previous year. A tasty tropical treat, the premium vodka is infused with the subtle sweetness of passion fruit to form a fruity glass bursting with flavor.” Asda might just be right about how popular and loved the fruit is since, in the previous years, other brands had also tried to get in on the action.

Just last year, two-liter boxes of Passion Fruit Martini and Yankee were offered by Tesco. Apart from this do you remember Candle? That’s right, they brought back their highly popular passion fruit martini-scented candles. And this year, Nando’s also confirmed that they are going to replace their mango and lime flavor with passion fruit and mango.