We're Buying A Ticket To Visit This All-Avocado Restaurant

The avocado craze has finally reached Amsterdam! We already had avocado fever here in the U.S., but there's no denying it would catch on elsewhere, too.

Metro News reports that an all-avocado food joint called The Avocado Show is setting up shop in The Pijp, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and even nighttime snacks! Owners Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson and Jaimie van Heije feel that "the possibilities are endless," since their only rule is that each dish has to somehow incorporate an avocado. This open-ended rule leaves a ton of room to get creative with everyone's favorite green superfruit.

There are plenty of avocado restaurants popping up all over the U.S. if you don't want to wait until you're visiting Amsterdam to experience one. Take a look around your nearest city for options, but do so quickly, as Eater reports there is a bit of an avocado shortage.

Many restaurants are struggling to keep the fruit in stock, since it's both highly coveted and somewhat expensive and rare. California has had a rough growing season, and on top of that, workers are striking in Mexico. In fact, it's reported that avocado imports from Mexico are down by 80 percent! I love avocado as much as the next person, so this type of news not only saddens me, but it makes me want to hurry to my own city's avocado-themed restaurant to try out the menu items before it's too late.

It's even been reported that some restaurants have stopped carrying avocados altogether. They're simply too expensive and difficult to acquire. One restaurant owner told Eater that "avocado farming in Mexico and other countries south of our border [does] not pay living wages and [does] not support sustainable agriculture in ways that we think are positive to farmers and or patrons."

Although these delicious fruits are at a bit of a shortage, it's likely they'll be back. Prices are high, but the number of available avocados is improving, so it may not be so bad in the end. Still, it makes you wonder how they're doing over in Amsterdam.