Blue Bunny’s New Ice Cream Flavors

We're Drooling Over Blue Bunny's New Ice Cream Flavors

The best part about the weather finally starting to shift from the chilly, gray wintry landscape into the warmer, sunshine-filled spring is that companies start releasing brand new sweet treats and ice cream flavors to excite our taste buds and help cool us all down for the oncoming heat waves of summer. But who's complaining? Blue Bunny, for example, is totally leading the charge with the release of several new freaking delicious sounding ice cream flavors for early 2017.

The company has also cleverly decided to offer new single-serve Bunny Snacks ice cream treats, maybe to help us maintain at least the semblance of a healthy diet as we ditch the warm and cozy comfort food for the refreshing sugar bombs. Here is the best blue bunny ice cream flavors! The four flavors of the new Bunny Snacks are Salted Caramel Pretzel, Chocolate Vanilla Twist, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cookies 'N Cream, according to Brand Eating.

They come in sort of puck-shapes, almost like rounder Klondike bars, and are all individually wrapped. Additionally, they are packaged in re-sealable, transparent freezer bags. However, what's really exciting is the new line of flavors Blue Bunny has released. First up is PB 'N Cones, a creamy vanilla base with peanut butter swirls and chocolate-dipped cone pieces mixed inside. Next comes Rockin' Rocky Road, which is -- you guessed it -- the brand's take on Rocky Road ice cream.

Think chocolate ice cream, fudge swirls, chocolate-covered almond bits and plenty of marshmallows inside. The Monster Cookie Mash flavor is peanut butter-flavored ice cream with a fudge ribbon inside, as well as monster cookie dough bits. Toffee Brownie Twist comes next, and it's a toffee ice cream brimming with goodies, such as brownie chunks, extra toffee pieces, and a thick and oozy caramel fudge swirl.

Finally the brand is releasing Mint Cookie Crunch, which is mint ice cream with mint chocolate cookie chunks (drool) and fudge swirls mixed inside. Keep an eye out for the new flavors starting March 17. Which flavor are you most excited to get your hands on this spring?