We're Obsessed With Cold Stone's Shark Week Menu! (Photos)

Are you one of those people who lives for Discovery Channel's Shark Week every summer?

If the excitement over watching Michael Phelps race a great white shark is keeping you up at night, consider amping yourself up for the TV event that starts July 23 by heading into Cold Stone Creamery and picking up one of two iconic and flavorful Shark Week-inspired creations. Because, let's be honest, what is more summery than that?

"We're drowning in anticipation as we look forward to another spectacular year of fin-tastic Shark Week programming from the Discovery Channel," said Kate Unger, senior vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands, parent company of Cold Stone Creamery, according to Broadway World. " … But fans won't have to hold their breath until then to get a taste of all the action. Cold Stone Creamery's Great White Bite Creation and Deep Sea Delight Cupcake will have you hooked with their delicious flavor and fun Shark Week theme, making them the perfect treats to show your excitement."

The two flavors are available until August 1, so you have plenty of time to get your fix.

The Great White Bite Creation uses a base of Sea Salt Sweet Cream ice cream -- because of course -- mixed with graham cracker pie crust, blood red strawberries and fierce blue gummy sharks.

The Deep Sea Delight Cupcake has the same sweet-savory base but is otherwise totally different -- this one is a chocolate cup that gets stuffed with devil's food cake, strawberry puree and the ice cream, before getting topped with blue frosting, graham cracker pie crust, a blue gummy shark and a chocolate medallion. Adorable and delicious!

Cold Stone also released a new flavor, Confetti Cupcake Ice Cream, and accompanying creation, Party Like a Cupcake, mid-June, notes PR Newswire. It will be available all summer until September 12.

"This new flavor is made with festive edible Rainbow Glitter and fluffy Frosting," Unger said, according to PR Newswire. "It's fun and fresh and with the rave reviews behind our new Confetti Cupcake Ice Cream, we've taken it up a few notches and created the perfect summer treat with our Party Like a Cupcake Creation featuring Confetti Cupcake Ice Cream mixed with Kit Kat, Rainbow Sprinkles, Yellow Cake and Cake Batter Frosting. We've essentially fashioned the perfect way for everyone to cool off and celebrate this summer!"

Sounds delicious, right?