We're Ready For New Peeps Oreos

Oreo is always coming out with new limited edition flavors, and Peeps is always coming out with limited edition flavors, so it only makes sense that the two would work together to create a Peeps-flavored Oreo. It just seems so perfect!

Now, we aren't sure when these will be available to purchase and try, but we do know that Instagram user "The Junk Food Aisle" has seen the new package on Walmart's website:

With golden Oreo cookie pieces and a pink marshmallowy center, this cookie will be perfect for spring … and spring is right around the corner. Perhaps this mean that Peeps Oreo availability is right around the corner also. At the very least we should all keep our eyes peeled. As far as that's concerned, what are the other combinations that could possibly come from this? You know, like a Peeps flavored like Oreos? Peeps Cookies 'n' Cream? Let's try both and see which mashup is better.

In the meantime, while we wait for our new gold and pink spring Oreos to hit the market, let's do some reminiscing about some of Oreo's best limited edition flavors.  Did you ever get a chance to try the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo flavor? That one is also a golden Oreo, but the cream inside has crunchy bits of a Rice Krispies Treat inside. Popsugar taste-tested this Oreo treat and it passed with flying colors!

Another Popsugar favorite was the Cookie Dough Oreo, but not because it actually tasted like cookie dough. Apparently, that flavor tasted more like a mocha Oreo with chocolate chips in it. OK, maybe this one wasn't a Popsugar favorite as much as it was a favorite for me. Let's be honest … a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino flavor of Oreo sounds amazing. If that's what this tastes like, then why would it not be a favorite?

I think we're all hoping the new Peeps flavor will be a hit like these two flavors were, but in the case that it isn't, there's always next time!