We've Been Using Ketchup Incorrectly Our Whole Lives (Video)

Your entire life, at least as it pertains to your use of ketchup, has been a lie.

There’s a very good chance you’ve been at a fast food restaurant at some point in your life and filled one of those paper condiment cups with ketchup. For dipping french fries, the cups work fine. But if you’re one of those strange people who likes to dip your burger in ketchup instead of removing the bun and putting ketchup on it like a normal person, you’ve no doubt realized that it’s hard to dip the burger very far into the cup.

Here’s a fun secret for you: those little cups, simple as they seem, come with a built in burger mode. It turns out you can pull on the little pleats surrounding the cup and turn the container into a nice wide ketchup platter.

Check it out:

Sources: YouTubeMirror / Photo Credit: Screenshot