We've Got Some Good News For All You Butter Lovers

You can officially feel a little less guilty about all of the butter that you slathered on your corn over Fourth of July weekend.

A recent study by Tufts University found no link between butter consumption and cardiovascular disease—debunking decades of speculation and hysteria regarding the supposed dangers of butter consumption.

According to Gizmodo, the study was conducted on 636,151 individuals across 15 distinct countries, adding up to a total of 6.5 million person-years of follow-up data. The research was published in PLOS ONE, and joins an increasing body of data that suggest there is little or no link between butter and chronic disease.

In addition to showing no association between butter consumption and cardiovascular disease, however, the study also investigated the link between both butter and diabetes and butter and all-cause mortality.

Surprisingly enough, researchers discovered a negative association between butter and diabetes. The study found that, on average, each daily tablespoon of butter consumed by participants resulted in a four percent lower risk of developing diabetes.

Before you switch to an all-butter diet, however, you should know that every additional tablespoon of butter consumed each day was also linked to a one percent rise in all-cause mortality. It should be noted, however, that this association is nothing more than a correlation, and the cause of the link is more likely that those who eat more butter tend to consume less healthy diets.

Overall, researchers suggest that butter is a “middle-of-the-road” food, meaning that it should not be classified as solely healthy or unhealthy. Instead, scientists believe that the foods on which you choose to spread your butter are more impactful to your overall health than the butter itself.

Unfortunately, that means that you’re probably better off slathering butter on vegetables than waffles or pasta. Personally, however, we’ll take our wins where we can get them, and never eat un-buttered corn or mashed potatoes again!