What Do You Think Of These New Sweet Cheetos Flavors?

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I think old-fashioned, classic food items could use a makeover, or at least a bit of a twist from time to time.

After all, where would we be if nobody had thought to take the humble potato and turn it into a french fry? If nobody had discovered that peanut butter could (and should) be slathered on bread and then paired with jelly? If nobody had thought to take a Cheeto and make it hot?

However, sometimes companies go a little too far, and I think this might be one of those cases; but I'll let you decide.

Cheetos is back at it with a brand spanking new flavor that I'm sure it hopes fans will go crazy for. Maybe it's because I just had dessert so my sweet tooth is satiated (for now), but this new flavor just isn't speaking to me.

According to Brand Eating, you can now, for a limited time, buy Cheetos Sweetos, which come in the original Cinnamon Sugar flavor (as in, Cheetos has already released that flavor before) and a new, never-before released Caramel flavor.

As a springtime special, the sweet versions of the Cheetos come in a decorated egg shape, according to Brand Eating, which sounds certainly interesting, and will be available nationwide for the time-being.

You can purchase them in either 2.6- or 7-ounce bags, which will retail for around $1.39 and $3.69, respectively (although those prices may very depending on where you pick them up).

So, yeah. Obviously, these aren't doing it for me, but maybe I'm just being unfairly pessimistic. Have you tried the new Cheetos Sweetos flavors? Which one do you like best, or do you wish they'd just quit it with the sugary kind altogether and stick with hot and savory, cheesy combos?