What Do You Think Of These Non-Browning, GMO Apples?

We all know that the U.S. is sort of weirdly obsessed with aesthetics.

We see it in the media all the time; certain images are presented to us that tell us to value one look, one shade, one way of being, over all others -- even though it's all totally determined by a group of people who may or may not be anything like you!

In fact, America's obsession with aesthetics trickles all the way down to our produce. Although nothing's really wrong with a banana that's a little bruised, or an oddly shaped avocado, or an apple that is slightly browned, consumers tend to prefer fruits and vegetables with the most "ideal" shape and color.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits in British Columbia, Canada, recognizes American's discerning taste and therefore is producing a limited amount of Arctic brand sliced and packaged Golden Delicious Apples, which will go on sale in February and March 2017 in the Midwest, according to Capital Press.

Why are these apples different or interesting? Well, because they have been genetically modified to never, ever go brown. Additionally, these golden delicious apples might be a little more crispy in texture, which could be enticing for some eaters who wouldn't normally choose an apple over another kind of fruit or snack.

"We're very optimistic with respect to this product because people love it at trade shows," Neal Carter, the company's founder and president, told Capital Press.

If we are to believe the popular consensus among nutritionists and scientists alike, we can feel confident that GMOs are safe to consume. However, perhaps our attention should be less on the color of the apples we eat, and more on how to change the American mindset to understand that less eye-appealing foods are often just as nutritious and delicious as their more "beautiful" counterparts!

Now that the apples have USDA approval, US Apple Association no longer has concerns and believes the produce is safe and nutritious, and remains neutral about the non-browning technology.

"US Apple supports consumer choice in the apples and apple products they select. Consumers will be able to decide whether to try the new, 'non-browning' apples, and ultimately, the marketplace will determine whether there is a demand for them," the association states on its site.