What Is Going On With The Neon McDonald's Float? (Photos)

It seems that McDonald's doesn't exclusively subscribe to the fad of "pretty" summer drinks, like other big chains seem to be doing. 

The Golden Arches has forged its own path and introduced a new drink that few would describe as "pretty," though it is pretty darn hard to stop staring at it. Seriously, just look at it.

Went looking for the Sakura Float...maybe a different McDonald's. Still enjoyed this one. #melonfloat

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It is basically supposed to be a neon soda float, but it kind of just looks like a dollop of ice cream floating on liquid kryptonite, or else a radioactive Slurpee.

Either way, it's pretty fascinating, and it has led to a lot of questions and Instagram posts.

Despite appearances, the drink tastes pretty great, according to Delish. 

So what is this mysterious beverage? 

It's Fanta's Melon Soda topped with McDonald's vanilla softserve. 

This curious concoction has garnered a pseudo-cult following, especially from its fans in Japan, according to Delish. 

And yep, once again, this super fun and exotic drink is not being sold in the U.S. It's only available on McDonald's menus in Japan and Thailand. 

If you're desperate to try it, the actual Fanta Melon Soda is being sold on Amazon. You can get twelve 500-milliliter bottles for only $170. Deals on deals, am I right?

According to Delish, the mesmerizing green drink has been around since 2003, and is actually Subway Japan’s most popular beverage.

Burger King, not one to miss out on the action, also offers the neon melon float in Japan.

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So why are Japanese people obsessed with this?

According to Delish, it’s a cultural phenomenon, since the green melon drink appears to be a staple in Japanese food culture just as the root beer float is a classic item in America.

Interestingly, Japan grows one of the world’s most expensive fruits, the Hobbaido Yubari King Melon, one of which was once sold for around $18,000, according to Refinery29.   

Nice melons. But, as you can imagine, at $3 a pop, McDonald’s isn’t using those in their melon floats.

They still look pretty cool though. Would you try one?