What NOT To Buy At Costco During Quarantine

What NOT To Buy At Costco During Quarantine

Costco is notorious for their unmatched savings with consumer favorites ranging from their famous Rotisserie chicken to their stellar prices on TV’s. Thus in this unpredictable time, people have relied on Costco to hoard all their essential items. Sure, some items are justifiable to be bought from Costco, however if you’re looking for practicality and cost efficiency then these are the following items that you should never buy at Costco.


With the current frenzy to buy mass quantities of necessities, people have seemingly forgotten that products like shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, and other toiletries all have expiration dates. Buying these products in bulk are not only more expensive but come in such large quantities that they tend to go bad before they are totally consumed. Moreover, these products are easily accessible and frequently marked down at drugstores, thus you’d save more money buying the quantity you need rather than overbuying and never finishing them. Despite the frenzy to buy necessities


Another large victim to hoarding is diapers, where parents are purchasing large quantities of diapers as backup. However, hoarding diapers can be unreasonable because eventually the baby will outgrow their diaper size, and the packages of the diaper will be useful. Moreover, it’s also cheaper and easier to buy diapers on sites like Amazon that currently have stocks of diapers and can be purchased at a cheaper price by utilizing their subscription service.

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Toilet Paper:

One of the most infamous victims of this mass hoarding is toilet paper, where people have bought a multitude of packages in case they are unable to attain them in the future. Though toilet paper at Costco comes in larger quantities, this also correlates to a higher mark up in price. Toilet paper found out Target or Walmart may come in less quantities, yet their cheaper total price results in a cheaper price per roll. In this chaos, people have been hurriedly purchasing large quantities of toilet paper that may take them months to finish. As people have begun to realize their costly actions, Costco has just installed new rules banning the return of products like toilet paper and thus forcing people to work through their newly founded stash.


Similar to the concept of toiletries, people are mass buying produce with the justification that the supply would be useful if stores were shut down. However, the issue with this is that the produce sold at Costco is bunched in large amounts and is often unable to be finished by consumers. Not only is money wasted on spoiled quantities of food, but produce can be found at more reasonable prices and quantities at grocery stores.  


The large, shiny packs of soda sold at Costco are not only eye catching, but their large quantities automatically convinces you of an unbeatable price. However, soda is one of the worst things you can buy at Costco because their prices are marked and could usually be found cheaper at grocery stores. Sodas are known to be loss leaders, where grocery stores drastically mark them down in order to draw consumers that’ll buy other products to offset the lost profit from soda purchases.


Finally, eggs are also one of the most sought after goods during this quarantine, yet they should not be bought at Costco. Eggs have a shelf life ranging from three to five weeks, and packages sold at Costco are sold in quantities of two or three dozen eggs. Thus in order to keep your eggs from being wasted, you’d need to eat an unlikely large amount of eggs weekly to refrain from wastage. Image sources: LA Times, The Krazy Coupon Lady, Hip2Save, and Reddit