What Office Lunches Look Like Across The Globe (Photos)

What Office Lunches Look Like Across The Globe (Photos)

Every weekday, between noon and 3 p.m., office workers across the globe head to the break room for lunchtime grub. 

Viking, the leading mail-order office supply company, compiled survey results and statistics to figure out what the typical lunch looks like across 10 countries around the globe. You'll be envious of what people are eating all over the world!


humble soup

Across the English channel is, of course, England. Englanders chose the humble soup and salad combo for their mid-afternoon meal. The most popular combo choice: leek and potato soup with a tuna sandwich. Coffee was also a top beverage choice and Maltesers (malted milk balls) for that sweet tooth craving.



Across the Atlantic Ocean is the land of the free -- America, a melting pot of cultures and pizza renderings. The love of pizza is so deep that across the states, Chicagoans and New Yorkers will go to great lengths (and with unusual mulishness) to win the debate over the best type of pizza (deep dish vs. thin crust). Not surprisingly, pizza is the most popular choice for American lunches, with pepperoni ranking number one. For a side of sweets, Skittles and chocolate ice cream were deemed the go-to post-lunch dessert.



Past the North Atlantic ocean is Deutschland, where German workers chow down on possibly the best sausages in the world, currywurst. Water, coffee and a side of fries are usually accompanied with lunch. No time is wasted with German office workers. Known for their punctuality, they will be in the lunchroom as soon as noon strikes.



Germany's neighbor, Austria, will enjoy a schnitzel (with a ton of varieties like wiener, veal, pork) for their afternoon meal. Sometimes breaded and fried, the schnitzel is also served with a side of herby potatoes and a salad.


Pasta with tuna

Right next to Austria is the coffee capital of the world, Italy. Pasta with tuna, olives and fresh tomatoes and salads will typically graze the plates of Italian workers. And no surprise, they'll beat the afternoon slump with a cup of espresso.


ham and butter sandwich

Take a train up to visit what is known as the capital of gastronomy, France. They keep their lunches pretty simple with a ham and butter sandwich. This is not your average pre-packaged deli ham from the supermarket. The Parisian slow-cooked ham (called Jambon de Paris) is delicate and rich in flavor.

The Netherlands

cheese sandwich

The Dutch enjoy a no-frills lunch with a simple cheese sandwich and some fruit such as apples and grapes. They love their cheese and it has been said that the average Dutch person eats over 2 pounds of cheese per year.


spinach and feta toppings

Not to be mistaken for American pizza, pide is a traditional Turkey flatbread that is most popularly eaten with spinach and feta toppings.


Rice and curries

Known for their flavorful spices, Indian lunches are beautifully colorful. Rice and curries with chicken, potatoes and peas are the go-to lunch choice with a side of deliciously spiced chai tea.


beef and pork

Feijoada, also known as bean stew, is popular in Brazil during lunchtime meals. Known for their barbecue, the feijoada is served with flavorful beef and pork.

So, what's in your lunchbox?