Food Holiday

What The Heck Even Is This Food Holiday? (Photo)

So, July 29 is a super wacky day in the strange world of food holidays, and it's too quirky for you not to know about it.

Besides it being National Chicken Wing Day -- a very important occasion to be sure (check out all the deals here) -- it's also National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day!

What the heck?

Yes, you read that correctly. (No, I'm not entirely sure what it means either.)

The general consensus among foodies is this: If you have mice in your house, you go out and buy some cheese to "sacrifice" to your mouse trap to help catch the pesky rodents, according to National Food Days in New York City.

Of course, besides being a wildly creepy and offbeat holiday, it's also totally outdated. Nobody uses cheese to catch mice anymore, because it really doesn't work too well. (The Nibble suggests using peanut butter instead and notes that it's a much more effective and often cheaper alternative to milk mold.)

But for some inexplicable reason, this goofy holiday is still a thing.

So how do you celebrate if like me you don't want to waste time, money and effort putting cheese in a mouse trap?

"Lots of people have creative, new suggestions for observing this food holiday: you can 'sacrifice' a little of your budget and buy an expensive cheese you love, but don't normally indulge in because of its price," National Food Days in New York City recommends. "Or try a new and interesting cheese you’ve been hesitant to taste."

The Nibble suggests a similarly decadent approach: Grab a boatload of cheese and whip up some fun, delicious fondue! Maybe put the whole thing in a bread boat?