What The World Needed: The Croissant Donut Ice Cream Cone

If you love food, chances are that you have heard of the Cronut—Dominique Ansel's mouthwatering croissant-donut hybrid. As anyone who is lucky enough to have tried a Cronut will tell you, the confection is unbelievably delicious, combining the sweet fried shape of a donut with the buttery, laminated layers of a croissant.

Believe it or not, however, there now exists a dessert that is more decadent (and delicious) than the Cronut. According to Metro, a donut shop in London recently debuted a croissant-donut ice cream cone called the "Crone."

If the mere thought of a Crone is making your mouth water, prepare for a full-on fainting spell.

In addition to being made of croissant donut dough, the Crone is also filled with a combination of ice cream, fruit and Nutella.

That’s right. A croissant-donut ice cream cone filled with Nutella now exists in the world.

The Crone is currently being sold exclusively at Dum Dum Donutterie in London, England. Considering the fact that the pound is currently at a 31-year low against the American dollar, we think that now would be an excellent time to book a flight to England and try the Crone for yourself!

Check out all of the glorious images below, and then start daydreaming about your (if-only-hypothetical) upcoming tip. There’s nothing better than a dessert-filled summer vacation, after all!