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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make These 8 Cocktails (Recipes)

Looking for something tangy and refreshing to drink? Fortunately, you can mix up your usual Thirsty Thursday fare with something pretty inexpensive and easy to find -- a lemon. Grab a handful of the bright, zippy citrus fruit, your favorite type of booze (lemon-based cocktails are pretty forgiving, so feel free to substitute whiskey for vodka, or whatever you prefer) and let's mix up some tasty libations. 

1. Lemon & Basil Martini

 Sweet white vermouth and floral gin goes perfectly with herbaceous basil. Add some thick and boozy limoncello and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and you are in business!

2. Blind Lemon Jefferson

Blind Lemon Jefferson

 This bitter, lemony, zesty rye drink is as drinkable as its name is delightful blind lemon Jefferson cocktail.

3. Lemon Julep

Blind Lemon Jefferson

 Mint juleps are awesome, but sometimes they are just a little strong for a warm afternoon, when you're looking for a bit of hydration and refreshment. Enter the lemon julep, which adds tart lemons and a bit of lemonade to really sweeten the deal.

4. Strawberry-Basil Bourbon Lemonade

This fragrant, tart cocktail gets an unexpected, subtle touch of complexity from a few dashes of bitters that really sends it over the edge of perfection.

5. Vodka-Thyme Lemonade

Vodka-Thyme Lemonade

 Almost everybody loves a glass of cool, refreshing lemonade. Kick it up a notch with some gorgeous, fragrant thyme (you can also use rosemary or basil if you'd prefer) and pour in a splash of vodka (gin would also be tasty).

6. Strawberry-Lemon Mojitos ​ 

Strawberry-Lemon Mojitos ​

Mojitos are awesome. Add some sweet strawberries and fresh lemon juice for a fruity, refreshing spin on the classic.

7. Sparkling Meyer Lemon Cocktail

Sparkling Meyer Lemon Cocktail

Since Meyer lemons are sweeter and have a little more of a delicate taste than regular ones, if you can't find the Meyer variety, I recommend cutting your fresh regular lemon juice with half fresh orange or tangerine juice for a pretty darn close and tasty substitution.

8. Lemon Drop

 Lemon Cocktail

 This classic is sweet and tart when made correctly. Rim the glass with sugar or crushed up Lemonhead candies if you want to pretend you are a kid again.