Where Can You Get Some Of The Best Vegan Food In LA? Famed Steakhouse, Boa

Where Can You Get Some Of The Best Vegan Food In LA? Famed Steakhouse, Boa

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Vegan food at a steakhouse? How is that even possible?!" But hear me out, because I never knew vegan dishes could be so creative and delicious -- until I sampled the new menu at West Hollywood hotspot, Boa

Known for their selection of premium cut meats and amazing sides, Boa seems more like a place to go when you wanna splurge on an expensive steak, not a place to try one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life, which (of course!) was vegan! Why the push for more non-steak options? The reality is not everyone eats steak, meat and animal by-products. BUT! Everyone does love having a night out with their friends where they get to dress up and paint the town red. Why shouldn't your bestie get to enjoy an incredible meal with you?

Now as a voracious meat eater, I will admit I was a little bit skeptical of the new menu items. I mean, we've all heard about how the Beyond Beef Patty tastes like meat, but come on, it couldn't possibly! Well, I'm here to tell you it totally does! The Wild Mushroom Burger is such a treat, and is unlike anytime you'd find at another restaurant. Basically, I'm obsessed with it.

Wild Mushroom Burger

Their vegan Mediterranean Chickpea Panelle is also stunning (gimme all that tzatiki sauce), but my dinner mate and I were ALL about the Nidi Bolognese. Bolognese is literally the most perfect pasta sauce, and I'll be darned, their mushroom bolognese is amazing! Also, who knew almond ricotta could be so creamy? Boa. Boa knew. Claps all around!

Nidi Bolognese

Another vegan highlight? The Beet Poke. If you're not up on the poke trend, 1) why?, 2) get on it! But if you find yourself adverse to raw fish, Beet Poke to the rescue! You'll get a taste of what makes poke so special, and you'll get to indulge in one of the best beet dishes I've ever tried. (And this is coming from someone who considers herself a beet connoisseur.)

Beet Poke

But don't worry, if you wanna indulge in some meat -- and you're at a steakhouse, so you should! -- there are plenty of delicious classic and new dishes to choose from. The dry aged steaks are a must for first time visitors. BUT! If you wanna try something just a little different, do yourself a favor and order the Natural Victorville Ostrich Filet. It's incredibly tender and packs so much flavor, you'll wonder where it's been all your life.

Natural Victorville Ostrich Filet

So why are you waiting? Go make a reservation at Boa right now! Oh, and because we love you and want you to eat only the finest, make sure you order the tableside Caesar salad and the smashed broccoli. You'll thank us later.

Caesar Salad