Where To Get Peeps Italian Ice!

Peeps are all the rage this spring thanks to other snack brands partnering up and creating Peeps-inspired versions of their own products. Rita's Italian Ice has been bringing the Peeps flavor back each year for eager customers.

Cosmopolitan reports that this year's Peeps flavor will be available at Rita's Italian Ice for a limited time starting March 27. Rita's does a special Italian ice giveaway each year on the first day of spring. This year marked the 25th anniversary of that tradition, which made March 20 the perfect time to make the Peeps announcement. The new flavor was made available in select locations on that date, so you might have already had a chance to sample one. The rest of us have to wait in eager anticipation for March 27.

The new Italian ice flavor is expected to taste just like the real thing, according to Hello Giggles. It's also expected to be available until April 7, or until supplies run out, so plan your trip accordingly. The Peeps Italian ice flavor has quite the following after it's been offered for previous years, and fans are taking to social media to express their excitement …

If Italian ice isn't your thing, you can always try the Peeps-flavored Oreo! According to USA Today, Peeps Oreos have been released, and they feature a vanilla cookie with a pink marshmallow Peeps-flavored cream. If Peeps fans are thrilled, then Oreo fans should be, too! Peeps are the springtime staple candy, after all.

Celebrate spring any way you choose, but if you don't find a way to incorporate Peeps, you're probably doing it wrong. Most of us will be carrying a pack of Peeps Oreos while standing in line at Rita's Italian Ice.