white castle crab cakes

White Castle Is Serving Crab Cake Sliders ... Yum?

Most of the time, when fast food chains want to offer seafood options, it's usually fried fish fillets or popcorn shrimp that are added to the menu. This time, though, White Castle has a different idea like white castle crab cakes.

Brand Eating reports that White Castle has added a Seafood Crab Cake Slider to its menu in an effort to offer something different in the world of fast food options. That's not to say that White Castle has anything against shrimp, since it's also bringing back its fried Shrimp Nibblers, but the crab cake slider is expected to steal the show (at least, that's my expectation).

The new slider is available for a limited time at all locations, and features a fried crab cake with creole sauce on one of those little White Castle buns we all know so well. According to Cincinnati's WCPO News, White Castle began serving the new seafood items on Feb. 17, 2017, and will continue to do so through Lent.

"Today we are proud to continue leading the industry by being the first to offer a seafood crab cake sandwich at all restaurants. The bold and unique flavors of our limited-time Seafood Crab Cake Sliders are joined by the Craver favorite, Shrimp Nibblers," said one White Castle spokesperson. "Many of our Cravers seek a dining experience with quality, affordable and convenient seafood menu items."

Based on what some are saying on social media, consumers' expectations for the crab cake sandwich were not high. One customer posted to the White Castle Facebook page that he was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't "a hockey puck crab cake like [he] expected." It's actually said to be full of flavor, and fans are praising the restaurant for getting it so right!

A third seafood item will complete the Lent menu, and that's the Clam Strips. However, these are only available in certain locations, so check your local White Castle before getting too excited.

To top off all the good news, you can use the coupon code "RINGS" to get 20 free Chicken Rings with a purchase of $20 or more online, so grab some of those while you're out and have a satisfying dinner!