Whole Foods Is Changing The Game With A Produce Butcher

Do you ever go to the grocery store looking for the specific ingredients of a recipe, only to find that you have to buy a whole bushel of carrots although your recipe just calls for one or two? A lot of produce is sold that way … celery, cabbage, radishes … I could go on. Whole Foods has apparently changed the game, though, with their very own veggie butcher.

Popsugar reports that one Whole Foods in New York City is already putting its veggie butcher to the test. Shoppers can come up to the counter, choose the produce they're looking for, and ask for it to be chopped, sliced or prepared however they'd like it. Imagine taking all of that time and stress out of meal-prepping!

According to a press release, the New York location has only just opened in Bryant Park, and with Whole Foods being "the nation’s leading natural and organic supermarket," the location couldn't be more perfect, sitting at one of the city's busiest intersections. The North East region of Whole Foods seems pretty excited to be opening the store, and to be offering new services to the community.

“We couldn’t be more proud of how our team and vendor partners have continued to innovate our offerings here in New York City,” one spokesperson for the region said. “Our culinary team has worked tirelessly to ensure this store is a premier dining destination that meets the needs of all the residents, office workers, daily commuters, and tourists who walk through our doors.”

This particular location also features a juice bar and "News Stand," conveniently open early for morning commuters. It also offers a tahini cart that makes the condiment fresh from sesame seeds right there in the store. If that's not enough, the store has a "Harbor Bar," where fresh lobster rolls and oysters are served, wine and beer on tap and Turkish-style artisanal breads. Whew! It's like a food wonderland for those of us who have a special passion for cooking and/or eating.

So, when will the produce butcher make his or her way to the rest of the Whole Foods stores in the U.S.? The rest of us could also use some of that added convenience!