Whole Foods' Mac And Cheese Bar Sounds Amazing

Few fantasies are ever granted in real life; fewer of those fantasies are ever deserved.

That being said, Whole Foods' mac and cheese bar is not only a fulfilled wish but a humbling one. You spoil us, Whole Foods.

Coming to a Denver Union Station near you -- Whole Foods Market will be serving up a lot more than the usual Whole Foods fare, Kevita probiotics, anti-antibiotic chuck roasts and moon drop grapes.

As part of the grocery chain's "Friends of Whole Foods Market" campaign, local restaurants and cafes will be setting up shop: Birdcall, Allegro Coffee Roasters, and Tel Aviv Street Food, to name a few. Birdcall's futuristic fast-casual chicken sandwich shop is arguably Denver's go-to joint for anything chicken-related and currently listed under "Denver's Top 24 Most Anticipated Summer Restaurants." Oh, and there's that mac and cheese bar, too.

It's like a salad bar, only starchier. And better. A shiny, 4-foot-wide enclave will hold a cornucopia of mac and cheese piled high and monumental (this is a first for Whole Foods).

What could be better than a mac and cheese bar? A mac and cheese bar, with variety. Assortments include pork BBQ mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese and a vegan mac and cheese option (because of course, this is Whole Foods after all). And classic mac and cheese for Plain Janes.

Just outside the Whole Foods nucleus, all your coffee, falafel, shawarma, fried chicken and beer cravings can be satisfied. And somewhere within the supermarket, you'll smell something funky. Sure enough, the odor trail will point to a 100-pound tower of cheese (because, of course, this is Whole Foods).

The Denver Post reported that Whole Foods actually requested this gargantuan cheese statue, which will be hand-cut to order by the Certified Cheese Professionals at the American Cheese Society (This is not government cheese. This is "licensed" cheese.)

Whole Foods' mac and cheese bar serves as just one of many odes to cheese. The grocery chain has its own cheese department and holy cow, goat and sheep! They serve it all.

The brand new 50,000-square-foot Whole Foods location in Denver Union Station opens Nov. 15. (Isn't that grate?)