Whoops! Watch This Guy Spill $42K Of Champagne (Video)

If a nightclub were a person, that person would be the supreme observer of man's more embarrassing moments. They've likely seen it all.

That time you made not one, but two, round trips to the bar because you had a serious case of butterfingers. That time you took out your recently single friend and she/he ended up sloshed and crying on the sidewalk. That time when you … yeah. There were a lot of times.

But if that nightclub had to choose which of these cringey moments took the cake, it would have to go to the clubber that suffered his own case of butterfingers at an enormous expense (video below).

Circulating the social media macrocosm is a video of one Spanish clubber who dropped a bottle of Champagne estimated at $42,000 in front of a startled crowd. A Facebook page called Ibiza Club News first picked up the video showing the man grappling with gravity and a very pricey bottle before attempting to uncork the bottle not too carefully. As soon as the bottle opens, the man loses control sending someone's salary streaming across the floor and guests.

Some might say what we've witnessed is a social suicide, but several YouTube comments have called out the true crime here: the morally questionable practice of nightclub markups. Tear away the corner of crushed velvet couches, the roped-off DJ booth, and the colossal guards shepherding VIPs through red ropes, and you get a snippet of the bottle service hustle.

Chicago Business reported that the average wine by the glass can be marked up to 300 percent. One YouTube commenter claiming to have worked for a liquor distributor identified the spilled bottle as a 6-liter Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne, with a hefty $1,000 price tag. But not nearly as steep as its presumed club markup to $42,000! Those are just the markups you pay for a night out and a false sense of exclusivity.

And when, of course, that false sense of exclusivity dribbles over guests and your three-piece suit, you walk away paying the price of something more than just an expensive bottle of wine.