Why Are There So Many Yellow Skittles?

When you reach into a bag of Skittles, you're supposed to be reaching into a bag that allows you to, as its slogan actually states, "taste the rainbow."

Now I don't know about you, but a rainbow to me entails many colors -- colors that are represented equally. A rainbow isn't a monochromatic stripe across the sky. It's supposed to be radiant, and representative of many hues.

Of course, you can expect that in every candy bag, the ratio of flavors isn't always perfect. M&Ms supposedly all taste the same, for example, but for some reason my favorite one has always been green, and there have been plenty of times I've opened up a bag only to discover there were an overwhelming amount of, say, blue ones, with no green chocolate pieces to be found.

And apparently, such is the same fate with Skittles. However, some Skittle-loving Reddit users decided to analyze the quantities of each color in sample Skittle bags they accrued, and came to the rather disheartening conclusion that, in fact, yellow is the most common Skittles color.

Yes, fam: yellow. AKA, the most underwhelming and inferior flavor of them all!

According to one Reddit user, however, the inequality could boil down to any number of possibly explanations. For one thing, Skittles are sorted by their colors into individual vats when they are being made. If the yellow ones somehow ended up crossing over into an additional section, it could potentially result in their over-representation in Skittles bags.


Other users suspect that it may have to do with ordering too much of one specific dye, writing: "Well the yellow dye may be their biggest order and they just make orange by mixing some yellow and red dye (instead of buying separate orange dye), and because of the bigger starting vats of yellow they may end up making more yellow towards the end of a batch to clean out the vats and start fresh."

Yet another thinks it has to do with making the treats look more appetizing: "I bet you they do that on purpose, put more yellow in, to give the bag/bowl more overall bright color. If they gave more dark ones the bowl would look black and dark and almost like chocolate."

But overall, most everybody agreed with one thing: "While I find it comforting that green has the lowest amount, I still can't bring myself to buy a bag since they changed green to apple. Disgusting."