Why Beer Is So Good With Greasy Food, And How To Pair It (Recipe)

Have you ever been halfway through your third pint and second plate of junk food and wondered why you scarf down beer and greasy food together so often? Why is it that you are always drawn to bar food when sipping a cold one?

It is well known that your willpower to resist a big greasy burger or giant plate of loaded fries decreases significantly after a night of heavy drinking – in fact, it's pretty much scientifically proven at this point that drunchies are a real thing. Scientists still don't know exactly why though – besides the obvious lowered inhibitions factor.

But while drunchies might remain a scientific mystery, it's pretty clear as to why we actually enjoy a nice pour of ale with greasy food, and it's actually pretty simple.

"One reason people love to drink beer with burgers is that beer actually 'cleanses the palate' which makes it well suited to spicy and greasy foods," reps from The Churchill and The Hudson, two Los Angeles bar/restaurants that go out of their way to provide the perfect meals and snacks to go with your beer or cocktail of choice, told Cooking Panda. "Beers tend to have an underlying bready flavor to them that allows them to pair with just about anything!"

So we say, embrace it! Enjoy the food pairings, and the next time you are indulging in a greasy burger or something fried, crack open a nice malty beer and enjoy!

For burgers, we recommend something with a slight bitterness, like a lightly-hopped pale ale, or maybe even a very mild, gently-hopped IPA, like the kind you might find in a Midwestern Bar, to cut through the thick greasy flavors of the burger. Go even lighter for chicken, and try a stout with stuff like shellfish, gamey meat and dessert.

Looking for more perfect pairings? The Hudson makes some mean Crispy Fried Chicken Sliders with coleslaw and fries that are absolutely perfect when washed down with Summerbright Ale from Breckenridge Brewery, which is the Hudson's beer of the month this July. If you're looking to save a little money, check out Dollar Beer Night at the Hudson on Sunday July 3, where you can get a Summerbright Ale for just one buck:

And at the Churchill on Monday July 4, which also has $1 Summerbrights:

Want to craft your own perfect pairing at home? Grab a Summerbright Ale and read on to learn how to make the Hudson's delectable Crispy Chicken Sliders.

Crispy Chicken Sliders

Part 1: Crispy Chicken for Sliders


     Half gallon buttermilk

     3 heaping tbsp. Spanish paprika

     4 heaping tbsp. granulated garlic

     2 heaping tbsp. onion powder

     2 tbsp. cayenne pepper

     small pinch oregano

     small pinch thyme

     good pinch salt

     good pinch pepper


Whisk all together in a container that will fit your chicken, marinate and fry to perfection.

Part 2: Coleslaw Dressing


     1/2 gallon mayonnaise

     3 tbsp. sugar

     small pinch salt

     splash apple cider vinegar


Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl. The dressing should taste sweet but with a tangy punch from the apple cider vinegar.

Delicious! Now put it all together, crack open your beer, kick back and indulge!