Why Millennials are Wellness Obsessed

Why Millennials are Wellness Obsessed

According to TIME, millennials are driving the 4.2 trillion wellness market. From yoga to expensive kale drinks, wellness is booming everywhere leaving many to question, why are millennials wellness obsessed?


With the internet being accessible at every moment, we are always connected to, well, everything. Updates on health epidemics, restaurant menu nutrition, inspirational quotes, the nearest grocery store- we can gain all the information instantaneously, nowadays. With a simple click of a button, information can be uncovered whenever curiosity arises.  

Social Media

Health, although a major part of life, is a major trend. Hop onto social media and browse the stories of your friends - there’s a good chance you’ll see a casual mirror gym selfie, an acai bowl and a green drink boomerang. Seeing peers or major influencers dabbling in the health pool makes others want to join as well (whether it is through mere inspiration or out of guilt is unknown and dependent on the individual). Consider it the domino effect.  

Learning from our Elders

Yes, with age comes wisdom… and health issues. With an already health-conscious society, seeing elderly with health problems sparks the fire that much more.  

Is this an issue?

Life is all about balance. While striving for a healthy lifestyle is commendable, we are also human, and it is okay to indulge. As long as nutrient needs for the body and mind are met, and the relationship with food is not toxic, then more power to ya, millennials.