Why Yes, Pizza Hut Did Create A Pizza Box You Can Play Like A DJ (Video)

Now you can be the DJ you've always wanted to be! Well, at least you can try after eating some pizza.

Pizza Hut has launched what has been deemed "the world’s first playable DJ pizza box." It’s hard to be innovative when it comes to pizza, but Pizza Hut has taken your next meal to the next step.

"FAAAAAM @pizzahutuk made decks out of their Pizza Boxes hahaha that's actually sick," tweeted one fan.

"I want a @pizzahutuk Pizza Hut Dj box I don't want one I neeeeeeeed one!!!!," wrote ‏another.

Created by Novalia, expert in printed electronics, the battery-powered cardboard box has touch-sensitive decks that have imitated the sensation of using a classic DJ turntable, according to EnGadget. The apparatus connects to a computer or smartphone through Bluetooth and is compatible with DJ software, such as DJ Pro or Serato.

Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra explained in a video posted on Pizza Hut Restaurants UK YouTube channel: 

You have the standard setup of any normal DJ setup. You got your volume controls, it’s got a pitch speed up, slow down as normal. You’ve got your cue button, your sync button, and your play button, of course.

You also have a mixer to switch between both tracks, as standard. You also have a scratch feature. And in the other side you have the exact same setup. … 

Select your two tracks and you are in the mix just like your favorite DJ.

The playable DJ pizza boxes will be given away at Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the U.K.

Alison Wonderland, self-proclaimed music maker with the Wonderland Warehouse Project, told the company, "Yo @pizzahutuk I don't live in the UK but I'm gonna need this ASAP."

"[Expletive] brexit I'm moving back to the UK to become a cardboard dj," wrote a Twitter user.

As only five will be available throughout the region’s 350 locations, the Pizza Hut UK Twitter account is going to offer clues, the first of which will be released on August 19.

"Just 5 in total :(,” wrote another fan. "Damn, i'm never going to be the cardboard DJ I need to be."